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About the Game

Neon White is a lightning fast first-person action game about exterminating demons in Heaven. You are White, an assassin handpicked from Hell to compete with other demon slayers for a chance to live permanently in Heaven. The other assassins seem familiar, though…


• You play as Neon White, an assassin plucked from Hell to compete with other demon slayers for a shot at redemption.

Neon White sur MaSteamBox

• Collect “Soul Cards” to attack your foes or discard them to use unique movement abilities.

Neon White sur MaSteamBox

• Compete for the best times by cleverly combining cards to discover massive shortcuts.

Neon White sur MaSteamBox

• Uncover Heaven’s mysteries by getting to know the other assassins… did you know them in a past life?

Neon White sur MaSteamBox
Neon White sur MaSteamBox
Neon White is a single-player speedrunning FPS where you can sacrifice your guns for godlike parkour moves.
  • Date de sortie
    16 Jun, 2022
  • Metacritic
  • __404.en:developers__
    Angel Matrix
  • __404.en:publishers__
    Annapurna Interactive
  • Supported languages
    English*, French, Italian, German, Spanish - Spain, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese - Portugal, Portuguese - Brazil, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish - Latin America, Traditional Chinese, Turkish
    *languages with full audio support
  • Identifiant Steam
  • Plateforme
  • Disponible sur MaSteamBox depuis
  • adventure
  • indie
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